45th MARA 2015 : Febr. 28th / March 1st

 Every year on the first Sunday of March, since 1971

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- Maxi-Mara: combined ranking  25 km skating on Saturday + 42 km classic on Sunday
- Nordic Classic Tour

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2014: 42 km winners : Evgeny Bogdanov (RU / CH) and Karolina Bicova (CZ).
Nice 2nd place for Matthew Gelso (Utah, USA).

Classic 42 km Men Podium
186:2nd M.Gelso(USA) / 3:1st E.Bogdanov(RUS) / 3rd G.Lalevée (F)

  The MARA
(MArathon of Les RAsses) is one of the   most   popular classic cross-country skiing races in   Switzerland.

  For the past 44 years, this exceptional annual race has   attracted hundreds of competitors in all kinds of   categories. It is also part of the Swiss Loppet program.

  WEBCAM : Les Cluds 1'210 m
  WEBCAM : Le Crêt-aux-Moines/Creux du Van 1'440 m

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42 km race 2013 video / Production / Nordic Magazine ®


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